ラークスパー&ホーク アンティークのテクニックを再現。 クラシックなムードがかえって新しく感じるジュエリー


「ラークスパー&ホークで制作しているものは、将来きっと大事な宝として幸せに受け継がれていくと信じたい」そう語るのは、ブランドの創始者、エミリー サトロフ。「感じたものを自然を超越したデザインに仕上げるのが女性だと思うわ。実際私が最初に完成させた作品を見たとき、女性は想像すればそれを創ることもできるということをはっきりとこの目で悟ったの」。コスチュームジュエリーで蓄積されたトレンドに、伝統的なジュエリーを再構築したモダンなジュエリー、それがラークスパー&ホークです。



The radiance of Larkspur & Hawk jewels is almost magical, because not only is one captivated by the natural brilliance of the gemstone combined with coloured foil, one is immediately transported into a modern version of 18th century Europe. ‘I like to believe that what we are creating at Larkspur & Hawk could be happily defined as “heirlooms of the future”, the founder Emily Satloff says, ‘and I believe that being a woman makes it far more natural to design with this spirit in mind. I remember holding my very first completed piece and simultaneously realizing that right before my very eyes was proof that if one woman could imagine something she could also create it.’ It is about embracing trends that may have once been reserved for costume jewellery, all the while reinventing traditional jewellery to appear modern. Her decision to begin the designing phase of Larkspur & Hawk was an evolution rather than a specific moment.

Emily had indeed been endeavouring with antiques and antique jewellery, so the foray into antique-inspired, modern design was a very natural evolution from her antique business that began about fifteen years ago. Larkspur & Hawk’s current incarnation has existed for approximately seven years, and Emily says that ‘while it is empowering for me to be running a business as a woman, it is hardly a rarity. From small business to major corporations, women are increasing their ranks as leaders, and doing so quite effectively. A woman starting in this business should design what she would like to wear, not some conception of what a customer or undefined market might buy.’ Nowadays Larkspur & Hawk is carried at Neiman Marcus stores in the United States, Fred Leighton in New York City, Net-a-Porter in Asia, the UK and worldwide, Liberty London, and many other fine retailers. ‘We view our relationships with our select stockists as a partnership, tailored to their specific clientele,’ she shares. ‘This means that what is found at one of our retailers will differ from another; this is one of the ways that Larkspur & Hawk stays new and exciting to each market’.
Text=Olivier Dupon  Translation=Muramatsu Chihiro

Olivier Dupon is a 21st century tastemaker and author of SHOE: Contemporary Footwear by Inspiring Designers (2015);Encore! The New Artisans (2015);Floral Contemporary: the Renaissance of Flower Arrangements (2014);The New Pâtissiers(2013); The New Jewelers (2012) and The New Artisans (2011), all published by Thames & Hudson.

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